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I love my imperfections and eccentricities.

Keeping up appearances and playing pretend with adult life. Balance is my necessity. Create | Enjoy Life | Indulge | Keep the Puzzle Pieces Together
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I would love a glass of wine right about now…

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Tempted to draw on my non-existent eyebrows on like Amanda Palmer at some point.

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James and the Giant Peach <3

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I can relate.

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Things to look forward to:

- Beach Trip

- Wedding in Asheville

- Equinox music festival

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Nero - My Eyes

Unofficial video by Adam Daub using footage from One Point Zero.

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Mid-Summer : Indulgences, Updates, Etc.

It may be mid-summer, but I want to indulge in some shopping for summer attire… Also, new work attire and accessories. I am getting bored with my current wardrobe (though there is lots of it to play with).

In other notes, the office life is easy, tedious, kind of annoying, but there are moments where it doesn’t suck. Having 40 hour work weeks, nights and weekends off, as well as paid vacation is awesome. I just need to remember that my job is not my life and that eventually I will be working somewhere more fulfilling later on. Most people don’t find their dream job immediately upon graduation. This is a stepping stone along the way, a way to build my skill sets and such.

With this ‘spare time’ that I have acquired since not having 2 full time gigs, I want to take advantage of it fully and put my focus back into my creative outlets, my hobbies and myself. I have a mental list of projects to indulge in, some of which I am very excited about.

Side note: I have started a regular work out routine, which is working out amazingly, along with eating healthier and testing out my cooking abilities.

I  have been able to have enough time to myself to get back to some of the things that have been lacking. I do not want to lose track of the things I love. I refuse to lose myself or become stagnant.

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We would love to play a show in a location like this! Super futuristic! #cyberpunk #future #synthwave #japan #digital


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There are some people that I wish would just disappear already.